My work is my passion.  I have been at it now for more than twenty years and have worked so very hard for the education I have in my expertise.  This education consisted of the many errors and convoluted steps I would have to perform in order to finally realize what is excellent form and function.  I do love the tangible reward for so many years of  hard work and dedication.


How do you do.  My name is T.K. and I have a business where I Design and build some of the most interesting custom furniture and cabinetry that my cliental truly enjoy.  I have owned and operated T.K. Works for over twenty years.  I am self taught through  many trying experiences and difficulties.  My formal education was at Cal State San  Bernardino.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. 


TK Bergman is a true master of his craft!

I have seen several of the custom jobs completed by TK Works since I discovered them in 2000. I am continually impressed by the quality and beauty of his craftsmanship.

He is a true artisan.  Whether it’s a custom entertainment center, reception desk, kitchen cabinets or that one of a kind piece of furniture you’ve always wanted. TK will design, build, finish and install a hand made piece of exquisite art that will last as long as your home or office.

When it comes to matching existing finishes TK Works is the best.  I’d go so far as to say you would be hard pressed to find a wood finish that Tk could not replicate. 

If you want the most beautiful, most exquisite custom furniture in Southern California, you need TK Works.

Erin R. from Yelp